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Our Mattress Cleaning service will leave your Mattresses Cleaned, hygienic and as fresh as mountain air. Same day service available!

Even in the cleanest homes mattresses contain dust mites as well as a range of bacteria and fungus.  Because we cannot see them their presence tends to be overlooked, however, they are there and can easily build to potentially dangerous quantities. Many skin allergies and respiratory illnesses such as asthma are precipitated by these unseen allergens. Having the mattresses in your home regularly cleaned will ensure they are kept in tiptop condition.

Many shop brought leather cleaning products break down leather finishes promoting dryness and cracking. Some contain wax type conditioners which in the short term soften leather; however, over time they tend to harden and glaze up.

Our Mattress Cleaning Process:

  • The mattress is treated to remove dust mites, the dead skin they feed on and, most importantly, their excrement which contains guanine a chemical which has been proven to trigger allergic reactions such as asthma, eczema and headaches and hay fever.
  • Steam is used to thoroughly clean your mattress. We can also sanitise  and deodorize your mattress eliminating the source of any odors and helping to prevent any reoccurrence. 
  • Any remaining stains or browning is treated and removed where possible.


It is recommended that Mattress Cleaning be done every 6 months to maintain an optimum healthy sleeping environment. 

Angel Cleaning Services provides a full range of cleaning services with highly trained reliable staff and modern equipment.

We are proud to say that Angel Cleaning's Mattress Cleaning service is fast, reliable,a nd the very best available.


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  • Comprehenisve range of cleaning services
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