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DON'T START ANY FIRE RESTORATION WORK BEFORE CALLING US FOR ADVICE. The damage and after affects from even a small fire go well beyond the immediate area damaged by the fire. Fire Restoration begins with a proper assessment of the immediate damage and the prevention of extending that damage by spreading carbon and other contamination further into your property.

Angel Cleaning's Fire Restoration Team is available 24/7 to begin the cleanup process and minimise the peripheral damage caused by soot, water, and chemical contaminants from fire extinguishers and various plastics and other materials that may have burnt. 

Smoke residues can be very acidic.  When these residues combine with water and humidity they form a corrosive acid which can lead to both hidden and visible damage. Angel's rapid and expert Fire Restoration treatment of buildings, floor coverings, drapes, furniture and even personal belongings will minimise this risk.

N.B. Another great advantage is that with our system there is no need to lift the carpet, which means you will save time and the cost of re-laying the carpet and replacing the underlay.

Angel Cleaning Services provides a full range of cleaning services with highly trained reliable staff and modern equipment.

We are proud to say that Angel Cleaning's Fire Restoration service is fast, reliable,a nd the very best available.



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