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Dry Carpet Cleaning

The newest dry cleaning method has been embraced by Angel Carpet Cleaning as it gives our clients the most thorough clean. It will leave the carpets feeling soft and looking great.An added bonus is not having to wait days for your carpets to dry, you can walk on them right away and they will be completely dry in 2 hours. The dry cleaning method does not cause any shrinkage or buckling of the carpet and is especially recommended on wool carpets.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Angel Home Services is very proud of the products it uses for cleaning. Our cleaning agents are citrus based. Meaning they are non-toxic making them safe for babies, pets, asthmatics and the environment. It is peace of mind to our customers who know that their children and pets do not need to keep away from the carpets for certain amounts of time.

The 02 Advantage

With carpet there are five essential stages to ensure the best clean.  
These five steps are only offered by Angel Carpet Cleaning: 

  • Soil must be separated from the surface being cleaned
  • The soil must be suspended in a solution. (ie. emulsified)
  • The emulsified solution must be removed
  • The cleaning process should prevent the re-deposition of soil
  • The material being cleaned should not be damaged.

Angel Home Services carpet cleaning process successfully provides these five parts when the Oxygen Liberation system is used. 

When carpets are sprayed with Angel Oxygenated cleaner, the tiny bubbles in the solution expand and literally blow soil apart allowing it to float on the surface. 

The gas combined with the agitation of the Angel Cleaning buffer pad allows dirt from deep within the carpet to be lifted to the top surface. As the dirt is lifted it is instantly absorbed by the cloth buffer pad and is removed from the carpet.

Pre Vaccum VarpetThe Oxygen System is also the best way to kill existing mould within your carpet; due to the fact that mould grows from lack of Oxygen. This system also allows those stubborn stains to be removed with ease.

This unique and revolutionary Oxygen Lift System makes it very hard for other systems to compete. We guarantee that Angel's system is the most effective carpet cleaning system. 


Enjoy the benifits of Angel Carpet Cleaning:

  • Safe for your family and pets.
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  • Water efficient cleaning methods
  • Improves indoor air quality
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