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Flooded Carpet Cleaning Specialists

Our Local Flood Restoration team is on call 24/7 ensuring that flood restoration and carpet drying can begin immediately to minimize the impact on your home or business.  We utilise a very effective 5 stage system for dealing with carpet water damage:

  • All water is extracted using high suction intake extraction machines. 
  • An anti-browning treatment is applied to prevent any brown water stains appearing on the carpet. 
  • Our unique mould treatment is applied to prevent any mould from growing underneath the carpet. 
  • The carpet is then sanitised and deodorised using our uniqueodour absorber deodoriser which not only covers the odour but attacks and eliminates the source of the odour.
  • The carpet is then dry cleaned giving the effected area a clean and uniform appearance to the rest of the carpet.

N.B. Another great advantage is that with our system there is no need to lift the carpet, which means you will save time and the cost of re-laying the carpet and replacing the underlay.

RAPID FLOOD RESTORATION TREATMENT IS ESSENTIAL - To ensure the best possible outcome it is essential to start the Flood Restoration process as soon as possible.  You have probably smelt wet carpet before, the rotting process can begin very quickly so to avoid any breakdown in surface, matting or underlay it is essential to commence our 5 step Flood Restoration and the carpet drying process as soon as possible.  Our 24 hour Flood Restoration service is available to ensure this happens.  

Angel Cleaning Services provides a full range of cleaning services with highly trained reliable staff and modern equipment.

We are proud to say that Angel Cleaning's Flood Restoration Cleaning service is fast, reliable, and the very best available.


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